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If you're struggling to understand the differences between Autistic burnout and depression, this 28-page guide is for you. It covers common signs for both conditions and explains their similarities and differences. With this guide, you'll be able to get a better understanding of which condition you may be experiencing so you can seek help accordingly! 

Autistic Burnout vs Depression Guide

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    You can print this information as many times as you like for your personal use, but you may not share, forward, resell or redistribute in any way. Resale or public use of any kind is strictly forbidden, and the item must NOT be used for commercial purposes. 

    Disclaimer: No information in this guide should be interpreted as medical advice. This is not a substitute for therapy or other mental health services. The information you are about to read results from research and personal experience. Its purpose is merely informational.

    © The Autistic Life retains all rights.

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