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The bundle includes 13 different eBooks, including workbooks and guides, each focusing on a different aspect of life. Great for anyone on the spectrum themselves or those who want to understand better and support autistic people in their lives!


The bundle includes:

  • Executive Functioning Explained
  • Boundaries Explained
  • The Basics of Trauma Explained
  • First Steps into Self-Awareness Workbook
  • Neurodivergent Self-care
  • The Little Coloring Book for Neurodivergents
  • Understanding Autistic Burnout
  • Organizational Ideas to Boost Neurodivergent Productivity
  • Understanding Sensory Processing
  • Meltdowns and Shutdowns Explained
  • Emotion Regulation Strategies Workbook
  • The Little Guide to Emotion Regulation
  • Understanding Relationships


The Autistic Life eBooks Bundle

$122.00 Regular Price
$61.00Sale Price
  • This is a digital download in a .zip file.

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