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I’m the graphic designer, writer, Psychology student and researcher behind @theautisticlife. Over the course of a few years, I’ve built a highly-engaged community that centres the neurodivergent experience through graphic design and educational resources. 

What can we do together?

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Social Media

I'm passionate about creating content that is meaningful, original and creative. I'm driven by the idea that we can promote services and products while also crafting messages that will help people feel heard and understood.

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Graphic Design

I have extensive experience designing promotional materials for online courses, including e-books, workbooks and presentations, as well as designs that can be used across most social media channels. My style is sensory-friendly and accessible with inclusivity in mind. Furthermore, I am comfortable adapting any content to fit a variety of target audiences, taking into account their needs, desires, and preferences.

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Business Organisation and Optimisation

My consultations are tailored to the individual needs of my clients, and I work with them to develop a plan that best suits their goals and objectives. I provide guidance and insights on how to best use data and analytics to manage their business operations, and I also offer advice on how to effectively manage their time and resources.

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